Adrià Tormo

I'm an up-and-coming artist who thrives in digital abstract art. Geometry, composition and color are the foundations on which my art is based. I have dubbed 'Neoformism' to my style, a contemporary twist on the Polish avant-garde movement of the 1920s known as Formism, characterized by its focus on form and structure rather than on the literal representation of reality. Formist artists and writers sought to create works that were aesthetically appealing and explored the formal possibilities of artistic creation. For the formists, the importance of form was the main role, as opposed to reality in art and trying to show this reality from different points of view, seeking a middle ground between abstraction and figuration.

I wanted to rescue these ideas from the disappeared Formism movement and apply them to my work, in which the importance of form is the main axis, with well-defined and connected lines, a frenzy of colors and shapes and an abstract but also figurative point of view, since most of the forms are recognizable. Based on this and relying on other artistic movements like Bauhaus, Cubism or Constructivism (Dutch and Russian), I strive to construct my own artistic structure, drawing from the past while always looking toward the future.

I was born in Xàtiva (València, Spain) on August 23, 1996. Even as a young child, my artistic tendencies were apparent. At a very early age I already had a vivid imagination, constantly concocting stories, sketching fantastical characters, immersing myself in video games, and devouring books. I had a great inner world that I was not yet aware of and that I would develop over time. During my teenage years, I aspired to be a writer, dreaming of narrating captivating tales. However, destiny had a different path in store for me, leading me to the realm of art. Instead of conveying narratives through the written word, I now weave stories through my art. Following my high school education, I pursued a degree in graphic design, where my passion for art flourished. It was during this time that I began to craft Tormius, my identity as an artist, delicately exploring my creative voice and beginning to develop my own style based on learning from the work of renowned artists, experimenting with diverse techniques, and nurturing my ever-evolving artistic vision.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my artistic journey has been the incredible support and community I have found within the web3 sphere. As a lover of technology, I was immediately captivated by the idea of tokenizing my art, and over time, this decentralized digital space has become my haven, a sanctuary where fellow artists, enthusiasts, and collectors come together to celebrate the beauty of art. It is within this vibrant ecosystem that I have had the privilege of growing as an artist and showcasing my work to a global audience. From the iconic billboards in Times Square in New York to art exhibitions in cities like Montreal, Berlin or Amsterdam.

My artistic journey is an ongoing odyssey, an ever-evolving exploration of my creative spirit. With each new creation, I challenge myself to push the boundaries of my imagination and to delve deeper into the essence of Neoformism. As I embark on this perpetual quest, I remain steadfast in my commitment to my community and the perpetual pursuit of my artistic truth.

Everything is created by the Spirit and for the Spirit, and nothing exists for a corporeal purpose.

© Tormius 2023