Adrià Tormo

Visual artist. Digital mind.


Tormius is the project founded in 2020 by Adrià Tormo. Was born out of his ambition, vision and the need to show his art to the world. Although he began to show his work in 2020, it is a project of many previous years of work in the shadows, taking many references, learning from them and developing his vision of art. The past work of other artists has been a determining factor in his artistic development. Wassily Kandinsky, M.C Escher, Moebius, Theo van Doesburg and Pietr Mondrian were among the first to reach him in a way that was different from how he saw art. And everything started to change from there.

It was while he was studying graphic design at the EASD in València when he began to outline what he wanted to do after finishing his degree. This is how the project was born and with which he grew as an illustrator, moving from simple illustrations to more elaborate works over time. 

Inspired by surrealism, the world of dreams, science fiction, horror, fantasy and the impossible that escapes from the human mind. Together with a strong compositional and color work, complex vectorial shapes, a geometric style and a work full of details in which you can get lost visually are his personal signature.

 For him, art is something that should come purely from your soul, that you enjoy and can express yourself in a way that you couldn't on any other way. Every piece of art transmits something if you know how to understand it. He is a firm believer in the long term and that everything comes after hard work. His mission is to continue bringing his vision to the world and to gain value as an artist, so that he can contribute in every way possible to make this world a better place.

© Tormius 2021.