👁️ Digital Artist. Bézier Cavalier.

Tormius is a digital artist who crafts a unique visual language, blending the precision of vector art with a fresh perspective on modern visuals. His style, personally named 'Neoformism', is a contemporary twist inspired by selected theories from the 1920s avant-garde Polish Formism, where formists emphasized the importance of form and sought to create aesthetically appealing works that explored the formal possibilities of artistic creation. Tormius embraces this essence and infuses it into his creations, manifesting in a dialogue of sharp geometries, meticulous attention to form, expressive lines, bold colors, and a finely tuned balance between the abstract and the tangible.

A pivotal aspect of his artistic journey unfolds in the extraordinary support and vibrant community within the web3 realm. With a deep appreciation for technology, Tormius found instant fascination in the concept of tokenizing art. Over time, this decentralized digital space has evolved into a gathering place where fellow artists, enthusiasts, and collectors come together to celebrate art. Within this dynamic ecosystem, Tormius has had the privilege of nurturing his artistic development and sharing his creations with a global audience, from the luminous billboards of Times Square to other exhibitions within New York City and extending to international cities such as Montreal, Milan, or Amsterdam.

His artistic endeavors represent an ongoing odyssey, an ever-evolving exploration of his creative spirit. With each creation, he challenges himself to push the boundaries of his imagination and to delve deeper into the essence of Neoformism. Tormius humbly believes that he has not yet reached the point where his work deserves that term. Everything so far has been an exploration and an approach to an ideal. In this perpetual quest, he remains steadfast in his commitment to his community and the unceasing pursuit of his artistic truth.

Have a great day.