Adrià Tormo

I'm a digital artist who works with vectorial forms as the main component. My work is based on three main principles: geometry, composition and color. I've called 'Neoformism' to my style, influenced mainly by formism, a Polish avant-garde of the 1920s but modernizing the concept, hence the prefix neo. But also with other artistic movements such as cubism, constructivism and elementarism I try to build my own artistic structure learning from the past but looking towards the future.

Born in 1996 since I was a child I've had artistic tendencies that I cannot find its origin, but I have always been a very imaginative child who liked to make up stories, draw non-existent characters, and daydream. As a teenager, I wanted to be a writer to tell my stories and later on, I found my way in art and I try to tell stories through my pieces. I studied graphic design after high school but my primary interest was art. Since then I started to think about my project as an artist from the shadows trying to find my own voice and style learning from artists' referents, trying styles, and developing my vision of art which is always in evolution.

Once I finished my studies, I focused on my art, evolving my work over time from less elaborate to more. In February 2021 I landed in crypto art and my career took a 180º turn starting from zero and reaching today to platforms like SuperRare or Nifty Gateway that have helped me to expose my work even in physical galleries all over the world as well as meeting great artists and friends along the way.

My goal is to improve and progress in my path, because art is my way of life.

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