This project is the result of my end-of-studies work. I did an advertising campaign promoting the Valencian orange in Germany.

It consists  of 4 posters and a website. The motivation for the campaign was the increasing competition from oranges

imported from other countries, with worse properties, mostly frozen and travelling long distances in front of the Valencian product.

Client: Intercitrus

Date: 2020


For the poster I based myself on Ströer's products. First of all, we have the A0 poster, under the trade name A0 plakat. This is a poster that is displayed in Berlin's central station with a large number of people. It was the first poster I made and it developed the graphic line of the rest of the work.

Tormius Taronja A0 Plakat 5
Tormius Taronja A0 Plakat 1
Tormius Taronja A0 Plakat 2
Tormius Taronja A0 Plakat 3
Tormius Taronja A0 Plakat 4


This poster is designed to be displayed at street level in the city. It consists of a repetition of elements highlighting Valencian orange, it is a striking visual resource and thanks to its colourfulness it draws attention to the street in front of the rest of the elements.

Tormius Taronja City Light 5
Tormius Taronja City Light 2
Tormius Taronja City Light 3
Tormius Taronja City Light 4
Tormius Taronja City Light 4


We leave the surface with this poster designed for underground stations. Its design is more sober but visual, perfect to give a glance. It evokes the nature of the product without much visual decoration but following the graphic line that defines the project.

Tormius Taronja A1 Plakat 4
Tormius Taronja A1 Plakat 1
Tormius Taronja A1 Plakat 2
Tormius Taronja A1 Plakat 3
Tormius Taronja A1 Plakat 3


This poster is designed to be seen at height and on the road. For this reason it does not include the QR code that others have and that links to the website. This poster should be of quick information since the public to which it is addressed has little time to read.

Tormius Taronja Mega Light 5
Tormius Taronja Mega Light 3
Tormius Taronja Mega Light 4
Tormius Taronja Mega Light 1
Tormius Taronja Mega Light 2


Finally, a web page was created with the aim of unifying everything in the same online site and as a complement to the campaign. In the posters it includes the QR code that we have mentioned above in addition to the website link.

Tormius Taronja Web 4
Tormius Taronja Web 1
Tormius Taronja Web 3
Tormius Taronja Web 2

Thanks for watching.

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