Into a Dream


↣ Owned by @chanzerovault

↣ Minted on SuperRare

Into a Dream is the result of a dreamlike exploration that has made me go further in my work. It is a personal work in which I discover new paths in my art, leaving symmetry aside and betting on composition as the main point. It is an illustration in which I have let myself go, allowing me to do what I really wanted and discovering that I can illustrate what I think and dream about. I have brought out my inner world and tried to capture it on canvas. Since I was accepted in SuperRare I knew that my genesis had to be special, because it is a special platform where I can start the real starting point of my career as a digital artist on a platform where I can grow exponentially. This work has been developed with a lot of dedication and planning, with great emphasis on color and composition to make it perfect. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

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