Badlands Playground

There is a place, far away from here where nothing is what it seems to be, but may be. A place where evil and playfulness come together, as wicked as they are fun to watch. This place calls itself 'Badlands Playground' the vestiges of an ancient civilization forgotten by us today. They are as lethal as the names they have been assigned, but in their affable appearance, these war machines are piloted by real insane people from the underworld of the badlands.


The Atrocious Dinosaur

We may be facing the most dangerous of the three. Timmy is in charge of driving 'The Atrocious Dinosaur', but the most dangerous thing about this machine is Timmy himself, one of the most insane people the badlands have ever known. His affable smile and his innocence are part of his macabre personality, he won't hesitate for a second to crush you in favor of his entertainment. Danger level 8/10. Do not approach under any circumstances.


The Threatening Bird

If you want to look for a modicum of sanity among the badlands, Tyrana is the one you're looking for. But don't let your guard down, she is not an overwhelming machine, her intelligence and her coldness may give you a few seconds of respite, but you'd better use those seconds to try to run away as fast as you can because is really fast and if she wants she will hunt you but maybe will let you escape, is very unpredictable. Danger level 7/10. Its field of vision is very wide, it's better if doesn't even look at you.


The Bloody Hound

The fuel of 'The Bloody Hound' is solely and exclusively the rage of its driver Herzel. This wandering soul wanders in search of revenge on everyone he meets, from a past he has failed to overcome. It's an oversized steamroller that will run over you in a strategic way to enjoy your agony and feed its desire to kill. It has no reasoning, it is only moved by its urge for blood. Danger level: 7/10. Maybe there is some strategy to throw it off the scent, but if not, you're as good as dead.


Into NG

Gift for all ranked auctions and people who collected two open editions.


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