Sold 1 of 1 Pieces

SuperRare / Foundation

This section is to display my 1 of 1 artworks that have been acquired by a collector. It stands as a showcase of sold pieces, highlighting the range and diversity of my work and illustrating the evolution of my art over time.

@workAcut" alt="Untitled Artwork">
National Park (2023)
Collector → @workAcut
@LaMancha88" alt="Kermis">
Kermis (2023)
Collector → @LaMancha88
@nerfpidgey_" alt="Dawn">
Dawn (2023)
Collector → @nerfpidgey_
@TheMetFund" alt="Dog's Garden">
Dog’s Garden (2022)
Collector → @TheMetFund
@cmulli" alt="Witness">
Witness (2022)
Collector → @cmulli
@cmbarce1" alt="Outsiders">
Outsiders (2022)
Collector → @cmbarce1
@danielduartefig" alt="Ethereal Hare">
Ethereal Hare (2022)
Collector → @danielduartefig
@Kenshiro_NFT" alt="Self-Enemy">
Self-Enemy (2022)
Collector → @Kenshiro_NFT
@__DeFi__" alt="Itaka">
Itaka (2022)
Collector → @__DeFi__
@bitcoinprophet1" alt="Light Knight">
Sold to Light Knight (2022)
Collector → @bitcoinprophet1
@Guppynft" alt="Valkyria">
Valkyria (2021)
Collector → @Guppynft
@clementmor1" alt="Kolber">
Kolber (2021)
Collector → @clementmor1
@__DeFi__ / First-time acquired by @SamuraiDegenCat" alt="Spirit of Conviction">
Spirit of Conviction (2021)
Collector → @__DeFi__ / First-time acquired by @SamuraiDegenCat
@chan0_" alt="Into A Dream">
Into A Dream (2021)
Collector → @chan0_
@aurepa" alt="Gundam Force / X01">
Gundam Force / X01 (2021)
Collector → @aurepa
@defi_kublai" alt="The Fearful Beginning">
Sold to The Fearful Beginning (2021)
Collector → @defi_kublai
@StevensJorn" alt="Spirit Guide">
Spirit Guide (2021)
Collector → @StevensJorn

Have a great day.